Blue Crush: Bar Palladio Jaipur

Bar-Palladio-Jaipur-Marie-Anne Oudejeans-India

For the past year or so, I have seen photos of the beautiful Bar Palladio in Jaipur on the web, but had not gotten around to writing about it until today. The chic, almost theatrical setting was designed by Marie-Anne Oudejeans, the former founder and owner of Tocca. Located in the Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, the interiors were inspired by the opulence of the twentieth century Maharajas. From the blue and white interiors, traditional patterns and motifs, to the chic tented lounges on the terrace, the glamorous setting is sure to transport guests to a magical place in time.

Bar-Palladio-Jaipur-Marie-Anne Oudejeans-India

Bar-Palladio-Jaipur-Marie-Anne Oudejeans-India


Bar-Palladio-Jaipur-Marie-Anne Oudejeans-India




{Photography by Henry Wilson for Bar Palladio}

7 thoughts on “Blue Crush: Bar Palladio Jaipur

  1. So happy to see you post on Bar Palladio! We go whenever we are in Jaipur. It is truly amazing, and every bit as fairytale as you’d expect from the photos. Peacocks roam the front yard, and there are some great little shops just outside on the same property.

  2. absolutely love the authenticity, the intricate paintings with a combination of golden Moroccan pendant lights just go so well!! who would have imagined for just two colors to create such magic !

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