Dissecting the Details: Suzanne Kasler

Hello lovely LDV readers! Nancy of Marcus Design here, and I’m thrilled to be back highlighting another fabulous designer’s work for you. Today’s feature looks at the entryways and hallways designed by Suzanne Kasler. Classic, crisp, and tailored; these spaces will surely stand the test of time. Here are 4 key elements that Suzanne utilizes in her fabulous foyers:
Crisp white planks, warm wood beams, or even sophisticated millwork and moldings can draw the eye upwards in a space. Just that added detail makes for the first impression that we all strive for in an entryway.
Little moments created with side tables, or chairs to perch and put on shoes, can create a welcoming atmosphere in a foyer. Suzanne expertly adds artwork and fine furnishings for an element of sophistication.
Oversized fixtures, and particularly lanterns give warmth with lighting, and bring impact to the space due to their sheer size. Repeated fixtures add consistency, however my personal favorite has to be a single Morris Lantern designed by Suzanne herself.
Nothing says ‘grand entrance’ like panelling. Whether highly ornate or simple, adding depth on the walls of a foyer truly creates a space to be remembered!
And there you have it, 4 elements that consistently make a statement in the first area of a home. Have I missed any of your favorite details of these spaces? To see more from Suzanne’s impressive portfolio, visit her site here.

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