Dissecting the Details: Kelly Nutt

Hello lovely LDV readers! Nancy of Marcus Design here, happy to share another Dissecting the Details with you today. As the weather turns warmer and the days stretch longer & longer, I find my attention always turns to the outdoors. Enter California-based Kelly Nutt Design; Kelly’s focus is tying the indoors and outdoors seamlessly. Here are 4 key features Kelly uses to merge these fabulous indoor/outdoor living spaces:




The starting point to these rooms is being able to open them up into one enlarged space. Wall-to-wall, and ceiling to floor sliding glass doors are the key to accomplishing this task. And even when closed, the indoor space is left bathed in fantastic daylight!
The quintessential look for a sophisticated and nautical look is by far blue & white. Whether solid or stripe, it’s a classic look that we will never tire of.
In order to unite the two spaces, keeping the finishes consistent throughout is all-important. If you look at the details of these spaces you will find high-end light fixtures, furnishings, millwork and fireplace mantels throughout keeping the same polished and comfortable look indoors and out.



Of course, pointing everything towards the view capitalizes on the full potential of the space. And Kelly perfectly brings all the soothing and soft colors in to create a serene atmosphere. Now that is the best part to seamlessly tying together the indoors and outdoors! To see more from Kelly Nutt, visit her portfolio here.

2 thoughts on “Dissecting the Details: Kelly Nutt

  1. Nancy I will gladly take any home with a (preferably ocean) view)
    Great examples of taking advantage of outdoor and summer living style!

    The Arts by Karena
    Coco Chanel

  2. I’m a sucker for wall to wall, floor to ceiling windows. I love bright and open spaces. Thanks for sharing these key elements. Now if I can only move to California and find a home where I can link up my indoor and outdoor space so seamlessly! A girl can dream, right?! 🙂

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