LDV Loves: M. Gemi



{The Nuca and The Bolide}

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! Have you heard about M. Gemi? It is a super chic new line of Italian-made shoes at a fantastic price point. They are a major disruptor in the shoe game, working directly with the most respected family-owned factories throughout Italy selling directly to the consumer. The result is beautifully-crafted Italian shoes with a superb fit at a fraction of what they would cost with a famous designer label.



{The Brillare and The Brava}

M.Gemi releases new editions on a weekly basis and sells exclusively online. They have a fantastic website which helps you to figure out your ideal size, so you get a perfect fit, and they photograph their gorgeous shoes from various angles to take the guesswork out of shopping online. The collection is at once classic and of-the-moment, with a great assortment of heels, sandals, and flats. There are lots of beautiful styles, but these are on my must-have list.



{The Cammeo and The Stella}



{The Mezzo  and The Festa}



{The Novella and The Carino}


{The Gita and The Banda}


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  1. Oooh checking these out right now Paloma!! Love the fringes, the ballet flats and sandals!

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