Lust List: April 2015

I just got back from High Point furniture market. It was a lot of fun seeing friends and shopping for various furnishings for my clients, but market can definitely feel like sensory overload, so it’s nice to take a break and focus on fashion today. I am definitely more of a classicist when it comes to both fashion and interiors. In High Point, a lot of what one sees is one trend on top of another, a million different colors mixed together, and pattern upon pattern. I love color, pattern, and a lot of the design elements that have become so popular, but in order for them to feel special one must use restraint and allow those details to stand out.

The same can be said about one’s wardrobe. After all, fashion and interiors are so closely linked. Your closet should be a reflection of your overall style– including the way you decorate your home. This month (and let’s be honest– every other month!), I’m all about classic pieces, flattering silhouettes, neutrals with a few pops of color, and of course, fabulous accessories to make each outfit my own. I can honestly say that I don’t get caught up on trends. I prefer timeless, beautiful things that never go out of style and I am certain that the items on this month’s lust list definitely fall into that category. What are your thoughts on trends? Do you like to keep up with trends in fashion and interiors?

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