Dissecting the Details: J.K. Kling

Hello lovely LDV readers! Nancy here from Marcus Design blog, excited to be sharing a fabulous installment of Dissecting the Details with you today. We are analyzing the work of J.K. Kling Associates. Let’s just say that this mother-daughter team has a portfolio filled with stunning spaces, but I was particularly drawn to the fresh and inviting bedrooms. Here are 4 key elements that J.K. Kling utilizes to create bedroom bliss:

This is a classic and stately piece that demands attention in any room. Pay particular note to the ‘Caribbean’ look that is achieved by pairing a dark wood frame with crisp white bedding, neutral furnishings, and even window shutters.

A traditional look made modern. Taking fresh patterns and repeating them in 2 places – the walls and a chair, table, or pillows – makes for a cohesive space. J.K. Kling keeps this clean by ensuring that all other elements are left simple and unfussy.

This is a look that I hope to have in a guest bedroom one day, it’s symmetrically pleasing and it’s practical (two guests  aren’t forced to share a bed)!

Finally, you can never go wrong with a monogram. This is a tailored and easy way to add a personal touch to a very personal space. All four of the elements above are classic elements that I believe will never go out of style. To see more from J. K. Kling and Associates, see the full portfolio here.


2 thoughts on “Dissecting the Details: J.K. Kling

  1. Thank you, Nancy, so much for sharing these many gorgeous bedrooms with delightful details!
    Love the monogrammed bed it is so very personal and unique!!

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    Artist Brad Oliphant

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