Dissecting the Details: Chango & Co.

Hello lovely LDV readers! Nancy of Marcus Design blog here, and I’m excited to be sharing another Dissecting the Details post with you today. We’re focussing in on the fantastic living room spaces designed by New York-based interior design firm Chango & Co. These rooms have a certain magic to them; let’s analyze 3 key elements Susana and her team utilize to create this look:
Nothing is more appealing to the eye than symmetry. This is a simple but always visually effective trick. Susana accomplishes this arrangement using paired chairs, mirrors, and even shelving units. When emphasized with the addition of accent pillows, lamps, and stools, it takes the design to a whole new level.
The key to this element is restraint. Susana very masterfully adds small doses of pattern and color in an otherwise neutral room. The neutral back-drop is essential, as it let’s the accessories pop while still allowing for an overall soothing space.
Panelling, built-ins, ceiling millwork details … you name it, the bones are what really make the space. It’s the first foundational layer that allows all other layers to really sing! I especially love how Susana broke-up a room with very high ceilings by panelling the lower level and using a dark navy color for the upper level.
Hope you enjoyed each of the features implemented in these fabulous spaces! Hop over to see more from the Chango & Co. portfolio.

2 thoughts on “Dissecting the Details: Chango & Co.

  1. Such beautiful rooms! I love your dissecting segments. They cause me to really look at the photo and pick up on those details.

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