This Week’s Quote: Iris Apfel

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I’m sure that most of you know of and admire 93 year old style icon, Iris Apfel. A true individual, she asserts confidence and has inspired fashionistas for over 75 years. Magnolia Pictures is releasing a new documentary soon, appropriately titled IRIS, which pairs Iris Apfel and Albert Maysles, who produced the cult classic documentary, Grey Gardens about Big Edie and Little Edie Beale. Sadly, Maysles recently passed away, so IRIS is his final documentary. I recently got to preview the trailer and the film looks delightful. IRIS chronicles the influence Iris Apfel has had on both the fashion and design industries and showcases her sharp wit and individuality with style to spare. Enjoy a sneak peek and let me know your thoughts. Are you a fan of the incredible Iris as well?


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3 thoughts on “This Week’s Quote: Iris Apfel

  1. I love, love her effortless originality and fearless attitude toward fashion/interior design. In an age obsessed society, she is a breath of fresh air. I love everything Iris does! I can’t wait to see this amazing tribute.

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