Seventies Redux


Over the weekend, I came across some pins that lead me back to MANGO’s 2015 Spring Collection. The Spanish retail chains like MANGO and Zara are great at capturing the looks of the moment at a fantastic price point. The thing I love about the current MANGO collection is that it is rooted in a classic, seventies-inspired look and styled to bring to mind the likes of Lauren Hutton, Charlotte Rampling, Ali McGraw, and Brigitte Bardot. I love the neutral palette, use of denim, suede,stripes, and chunky knits. The look is timeless, effortless, and completely cool. Are you enjoying the seventies revival this Spring? Is it a look that you are inspired by?

mango 2

{Mohair Wool Blend Sweater | Suede Skirt | Suede Ankle Boots}

mango 3

{Striped Cotton Sweater | White Flared Jeans}


{Cropped Suede Jacket | Pique Polo | Flared Jeans |


{Suede Jacket | Fringed Suede Bag}


{Denim Button Down Shirt | Flared Jeans}


{Dark Brown Suede Jacket |  Denim Shirt | High-Waisted White Flared Jeans}


{Tencel Denim Dress | Lace-Up Sandals}


{Striped Blouse | Flared Jeans | Ankle-Cuff Wooden Heeled Sandals}


{Suede Coat}

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3 thoughts on “Seventies Redux

  1. Hi Paloma, I’m working part-time at SOHO Couture (there’s one on University Blvd @ Edloe and one at Woodway/Voss. We are receiving some of the 70’s influenced pieces, and I’m wondering if we can get you guys
    to wear bell-bottoms? Everyone is so used to the tight leg, I mean.
    But some really beautiful things in the store. Great post.

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