In the Mood: March 2015

claiborne swanson frank lucky

{Claiborne Swanson Frank Photographed at her Beautiful Home with her Darling Son and Dog for Lucky}

Welcome, March! Now if only spring would get here. I currently have warmer days on my mind and have also been feeling very inspired by classic American style– think white houses, denim, red, white, and blue, and timeless, easy pieces. No one does classic American style with a modern twist better than the beautiful Claiborne Swanson Frank. As I thought about this post, I noticed I had pulled more of Claiborne’s photographs than anything else. She is beautiful, has effortless style, incredible talent, and embodies the all-American style that she seeks to capture in her work as a photographer. The way in which she captures her subjects has an ethereal quality to it, evoking an appreciation for classic Americana with a modern verve. Claiborne’s timeless style exemplifies timeless American style and illustrates this month’s mood perfectly.

claiborne swanson frank portrait

{Claiborne and her Son in a Stunning Self-Portrait}

claiborne swanson frank lucky2

{Claiborne at Home via Lucky}

claiborne swanson frank coveteur house

{Claiborne at Home in Los Angeles via The Coveteur}

claiborne swanson frank coveteur

{Claiborne Captured for The Coveteur}

claiborne swanson frank elle decor

{Claiborne’s Former Manhattan Apartment as featured in ELLE DECOR}

claiborne swanson frank coveteur2

{Claiborne and her Dog via The Coveteur}

claiborne swanson frank stripes

{Claiborne Exuding Classic American Style via her Instagram}

For more on Claiborne Swanson Frank, check out her Style Files feature and purchase her books American Beauty and Young Hollywood.

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