Currently Loving: J.Crew Fall/Winter 2015


I’m currently in New York for a few days. Yesterday, I was honored to be part of the Next Wave luncheon at Hearst where we were treated to a lovely day with the House Beautiful team, all of the 2014 Next Wave designer honorees, and special guest Nate Berkus. It was a day that I won’t soon forget and such a special moment in my career.

Because I have been traveling, I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with Fashion Week, but I absolutely loved the fun, new Fall/Winter 2015 collection from J.Crew. Jenna Lyons really is a creative genius. While I wouldn’t necessarily wear the various outfits the same way that they were styled for the presentation, I love so many of the individual pieces. There is such a great mix of luxe textures, chic details, and color used in an unexpected way. I can’t wait for this collection to be available for sale!

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{It looks like some of these fabulous, new tassel pumps have just been added online!}

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{Images via Who What Wear}

11 thoughts on “Currently Loving: J.Crew Fall/Winter 2015

  1. I love your blog and have been following it for some time now so I’ve also been following your recent success – congrats! It’s well deserved. I always look so forward to your posts. I have to admit though that now that I live outside the U.S., I’m so glad I don’t fall victim of the JCrew hype. When I see it all over my fav US blogger websites, I cringe. I like some of their pieces and Ms. Lyons is a brilliant stylist, but it’s just so, well, I don’t know what…all over the place, perhaps? Mainstream? No reflection on you and I’ll continue to look forward to your posts!

    • Thank you so much, Michelle! I truly appreciate your kind words and readership over the years.

      I definitely see your point about J.Crew and do agree that it seems to get a lot of love on the internet. For me, it isn’t so much about the overall looks per se, but more about the individual pieces that I can wear in my own way. For instance, I like a lot of their plain shirts and popovers as style staples that I style with my own accessories and have worn for years. I wonder how J.Crew has been received in the UK now that they are in London?

  2. Paloma congratulations on your conference!
    I am loving this collection by J Crew! The lines, fabrics, the designs are wonderful!!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Centre Cannot Hold

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  4. I was thrilled to see some higher fashion elements return to the J. Crew fall 2015 collection. I have to admit the sporty tomboy looks of the last few seasons have left me completely underwhelmed and my understanding is that their sales during that period were quite dismal. I was previously a complete J Crew Aholic with packages arriving constantly at my doorstep until about a year ago when the creative direction seemed to shift dramatically towards the plain, loose, and menswear inspired looks. I loved the offbeat color and more risky fashion forward looks of fall 2015 so I am eagerly awaiting what appears to be the shift back to the J. Crew I previously loved! I have been pleasantly surprised by the March style guide looks as it seems color and charm have made a comeback!

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