Fabulous Room Friday 02.06.15

bill ingram

{Image by Erica George Dines}

This week, I came across this handsome room by Bill Ingram and William McLure of Bill Ingram’s synonymous architecture firm. The hearth room was completed for the last year’s Cathedral Antiques Show Inspiration House in Atlanta, but it is my first time seeing the beautiful space. Though the color palette is completely neutral, I love the high contrast throughout the space. In spite of the low ceilings, Ingram and McLure managed to make the room feel completely light and airy. The mix of furnishings are exactly what I am loving right now– classic yet effortless silhouettes in easy fabrics, a touch of pattern, and a mix of classical elements such as the Louis XVI armchair and the neoclassical sculpture, paired with bold abstract lines and a few modern, masculine elements such as the fabulous coffee table. The Fiddle Leaf Figs bring the room to life with a perfect touch of green. This space is so polished and feels very current, though I have a feeling it would look just as fresh twenty years from now– a true classic.

bill ingram2

bill ingram3

bill ingram4

{Image by Eric George Dines}

What is your favorite element in this room? Have a wonderful weekend!


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