Chic Essentials: Stylish Trays

Hi everyone, Arianna of Arianna Belle here! Hope you’re having a great start to the new month. If you’re in organizing and/or decorating mode like I am, you’re gonna love today’s post. The focus is on trays, which are a personal favorite of mine because they are so multifunctional and versatile. They work well in just about every room in the house, for both styling and organizing purposes, including in the entryway, living room, office, bathroom and bedroom. You can use them to corral and display a number of small items such as: keys and sunglasses on your entry table, jewelry on your nightstand, beauty products on your bathroom counter, perfume on your vanity, candles and flowers on your coffee table, and office supplies on your desk. Things just tend to look so much neater and like a purposeful vignette when they’re within the boundaries of a tray, than when they’re spread out randomly.

Below is my roundup of some the most stylish trays out there:


1- tangle lacquered tray, 2- silver lacquered tray, 3- acrylic leopard printed tray, 4- nude lacquered tray, 5- bone inlay tray, 6- oro de nero tray, 7- gold mirrored round tray, 8- mirrored tray, 9- acrylic zebra printed tray, 10- python tray, 11- orange tray, 12- clear acrylic tray

What’s your favorite way to use trays in your home?

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