Fabulous Room Friday 01.16.15

joel kelly kitchen

I’m currently working on a design project that involves a big kitchen remodel, so I have been looking at the existing floor plan from various angles, scouring my sources of inspiration, and of course, discussing my client’s needs and wants with her. The current floor plan is very open and very large. She has the largest kitchen island I’ve ever seen. While some people might find it desirable, my client longs for something cozier, more polished, and less conducive to being a dumping ground for the children’s things! I came across this kitchen by Atlanta designer, Joel Kelly and while the finish selections and concept aren’t in the same vein as what I am doing for my client, I thought the approach was quite clever.

The kitchen is part of a townhouse with a very open floor plan. Evidently, the homeowners were tired of walking in and having the kitchen be the first thing everyone saw. It was in the middle of everything and eliminated any sense of formality from the overall space, so Kelly came up with a fantastic idea, enclosing the kitchen with steel framed interior windows. The windows allow the kitchen to be more concealed without eliminating the natural light that the homeowners would have lost had they put up sheetrock walls. He took the cabinetry all the way to the ceiling and added a track ladder since the homeowners didn’t have a real pantry and needed more storage. The kitchen features a mix of materials from white quartzite countertops, lime-washed oak cabinets, a plaster hood, and oak flooring and backsplash in a herringbone pattern. The result is a mix of old and new, creating a look that is truly unique and serves Kelly’s client’s needs so much better than what they had before.


joel kelly kitchen5

joel kelly kitchen6



{Images via Joel Kelly}

15 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 01.16.15

  1. Dear Paloma, I love everything about this kitchen, every single element! Those herringbone hardwoods are fabulous! Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!

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  2. I love this idea for practical reasons as well- keeping cooking odors etc. out of living spaces. I always imagine people with really open floor plans don’t cook much:)

  3. I’ve been coming to your blog for years now — just wanted to say how fantastic I think it is! Your collection of images and in-depth posts are truly inspiring and really quite beautiful. Always my first stop when I’m looking for design ideas. Kudos!

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