Design by the Details: Christmas Trees

What: A festively decorated Evergreen (or faux Evergreen) tree.

History: Adorning a tree is thought to have started in Germany possibly as early as the 15th century.  The first trees were likely decorated with candles and food such as nuts or apples.  Germany is also credited with crafting the first glass ornaments due to their long tradition of glass blowing.

Use: Acceptable for Christmas holiday decorations no earlier than Thanksgiving and no later than New Year’s Day.  Overdecorate or keep it simple, have one or many, use the rainbow or have a color palette, use white lights or colored, use whatever adornments make you happy.

Happy Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Design by the Details: Christmas Trees

  1. You say no later than New Years Day… But many people believe the Christmas season ends at the Epiphany. Personally I leave decorations up until Jan 6. It is 12 Days of Christmas after all!

  2. I LOVE that Sarah Richardson photo. Her farmhouse was just so much fun to watch develop on TV. I have seen some of the Christmas photos of that house and they are fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing!

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