A White Christmas

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We are heading to Kansas City today to celebrate Christmas with my sister in law and her family. They had some snow last week, so I’m hoping we’ll be lucky enough to enjoy the magic of a white Christmas while we are there. Living in Houston, snow is a rare sight, so in my mind, it is a source of wonder and joy– spoken by someone who has never had to shovel snow or driven in an ice storm!

Architect and decorator, Robert Couturier is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. He has a splendid eye, darling dogs, and the most beautiful country home in Connecticut. The home is featured in Couturier’s dazzling design tome, Designing Paradises and  during a recent snowfall, was featured on Couturier’s Instagram account. If this is not the picture of a winter wonderland, I can’t imagine what is. Can you think of a more beautiful place to spend a white Christmas?

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{Images via Robert Couturier’s Instagram}

4 thoughts on “A White Christmas

  1. Hi Paloma, what is better than a white Christmas. So excited you will be i Kansas City during the holidays, be sure to get to The Country Club Plaza and Crown Center!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Hey, Paloma! I use to live in Kansas City. Make sure to go to Nell Hill’s. I use to be a visual merchandiser there at their Kansas City store. It’s huge and worth your visit. Such a fan of your blog! Merry Christmas!
    Rebecca Taylor

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