Library Love

library francisco costa

{Francisco Costa}

When I was a child, I knew I wanted two things: to travel often and to have a house full of books! Luckily, I have been blessed to have a wonderful life that has afforded me both of those things. Aside from reading novels, I also love coffee table books on topics from interior design and fashion to travel and food and everything in between. I have stacks and stacks throughout my home and my bookshelves are packed to the gills. I think we will stay in our current home a while longer, but I can’t help but hope for a proper library in our next home– a place to store and display my ever-growing collection.  I’ve pulled together a collection of stylish libraries including some that are dark and moody, chic and colorful, and a few that are perfectly neutral. They are all beautifully designed, but I am partial to libraries of the dark lacquered variety. They are cozy, chic, and the perfect place for curling up with a fabulous book. Which type is your favorite?

aerin lauder elle decor4

{Aerin Lauder}

jeffrey bilhuber library

{Jeffrey Bilhuber}

jk library

 {JK Place Firenze}

library bunny williams

 {Bunny Williams}

melissa rufty library

 {Melissa Rufty}

library french style

 {From the Book, French Accents by Erin Swift}

library markham roberts

{Markham Roberts}

library teal lacquer

 {Chic Turquoise Lacquer via Pinterest}

library miles redd

{Miles Redd}


{Tory Burch}

todd alexander romano

 {Todd Alexander Romano}

library chic

 {Architectural Digest}

library chocolate

{Modern Shelves in a Dark Wood Finish}


{Katie Lydon}

aerin lauder elle decor2

{Aerin Lauder}

library thomas urquijo

 {Thomas Urquijo}


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