Two Styles, One Room: Found Objects meets Mid-Century

This year has really flown by! Before we know it, the holiday season will be here bringing both of us a little extra joy!

It’s Paula and Rebecca from Sea Island Drive, and we’re back with another Two Styles, One Room. Today we are looking at how this dining room successfully mixes the feeling of found pieces with mid-century items without the room feeling like a complete catch all.

Found, Mid-Century

Image via House Beautiful

The large pieces of furniture – the chairs and table – have that classic and streamlined mid-century style that helps provide the perfect background for the rest of the decorative found objects. The very detailed and varied pieces of art don’t feel overwhelming even though they are in different frames, have different styles, and our all different mediums due to the crispness of the larger pieces in this welcoming dining room.

Even the buffet table – which is filled to the brim with knick knacks and other found objects, doesn’t make the dining room feel messy or out of order. Instead it makes you feel as though you are in a home with great friends, getting ready to eat a warm, home-cooked meal.

A nice meal at home with good friends, is always better than a meal out on the town. Don’t you agree? The combination of styles in this dining room creates an intimate feeling that sometimes no restaurant can replicate. And when the meal is over, we’re eager to move the conversation to the living room that we assume is equally as cool and inviting.

Rebecca June & Paula Jean


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