Two Styles, One Room: Modern meets Traditional

Hello! Can you believe it’s October already?! Have you started your fall wardrobe update? What about your fall home refresh? A change in season is always a good time to reinvigorate a room you’ve become bored with.

It’s Paula and Rebecca from Sea Island Drive, and we’re back with another Two Styles, One Room. Today we’re showing a room that mixes modern with traditional, and makes it feel completely effortless and natural.

Traditional meets ContemporaryImage via David Hicks

Modern and traditional can be the best of friends when combined in just the right way. It’s easy to pick out the modern lines of the grey chair and burl wood coffee table, and the traditional styling of the board and batten ceiling and pinch pleat drapes. But the success of this room is in the details that lie somewhere between modern and traditional.

We’ve talked in a previous post about using elements that bridge the gap between two opposing styles. This room does exactly that! The sofa perfectly compliments both styles with it’s soft curves. The sculpted glass chandelier is clearly modern, but nods kindly to the traditional details with it’s obvious reference to a classic crystal chandelier. Not to mention, the use of primarily solid, plush fabrics that allows the textiles in the room to engage with both styles.

As always, a couple of vases of roses are the perfect finishing touch, don’t you think? When your house looks this great, you don’t have to go outside to stop and smell the roses. Just take a seat and appreciate the beauty around you.

Rebecca June & Paula Jean


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