Pajama Party

pajamas tory burch

 {I adore this chic Tory Burch look from a few seasons ago.}

 There are certain style staples that everyone should have in their wardrobe forever, one of which is a classic set of pajamas. Even though it’s just sleepwear, I always feel chic in my signature black pajamas with white contrast piping. A few weeks ago, I was in Las Vegas for the BOLD Summit and after being at the conference from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm, I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated to get all dolled up for dinner with my friend. I had a bit of downtime between the time I got back to my hotel room and the time of our dinner reservation, so I changed into my pajamas and after a little while, I began freshening up for dinner and started putting on my jewelry while I was still in my pajamas. I had a moment when I thought, “I really wish I could just wear my pajamas to dinner!”.  All I would have needed is a sleek pair of sandals, some great earrings, a cocktail ring, and a fabulous clutch.

I’ve rounded up some images of fashionistas looking super chic in their pajama ensembles, though I wasn’t able to muster up the courage to wear mine out that night. Maybe if I had been in New York rather than Las Vegas, I could have pulled it off. Something tells me it could have been grossly misinterpreted in Vegas! Have you ever worn your pajamas out in the evening? I love the look so much– one of these days, I’ll have to try it!


{A Rare Selfie in which I contemplated Going Out in my PJs.}

Pajamas Caroline_Sieber

 {Stylist Caroline Sieber’s look in Louis Vuitton pajamas is perfection!}

pajamas sofia coppola

 {Sofia Coppola rocked the same Louis Vuitton pajamas, but opted for a pair of chic smoking slippers instead.}

pajamas ferragamo{Salvatore Ferragamo featured silk pajamas on the runway a few seasons ago.}

pajamas viviana colpicelli

{Viviana Volipicella looking Stylish and Fun in her Pajamas}

Pajamas Shala Monroque

{Street Style Star, Shala Monroque makes Crisp Cotton Pajamas and Leather Penny Loafers look Super Stylish}

Pajamas chic girl

{I am not sure who this girl is, but I love her pajamas– especially the fit of her chic top.}

Pajamas Derke Lam

{How amazing is this pajama look by Derek Lam?}

pajamas karlie kloss vogue uk

{The best part of rocking your pajamas out for the evening? You can just wash your face and slip into bed at the end of the night.}

Would you dare to wear your PJs out at night? It’s a look that definitely takes moxie, but looks incredibly stylish when done right.


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