Dissecting the Details: Palmer Weiss

Hello fabulous LDV readers! Nancy of Marcus Design here, and I’m excited to be back with another installment of Dissecting the Details. Today I am highlighting the work of Palmer Weiss, looking into 3 key elements that she utilizes to create amazing entry ways & hallways. These spaces can be the first impression of what is to come in a home, so they are all-important! Let’s dig in …

Palmer uses a ‘go bold or go home’ approach with the impact of her fabrics. This can be added not only through seating, but also wallcoverings, rugs, and stair-runners.
A spot to sit is not only luxurious, and visually appealing, but it’s also practical. A quick moment to put on your shoes or search through your purse is made easier with a pretty little perch!
I love how Palmer combines mirrors and artwork above a foyer console table. She adds a bit of symmetry and interest, and generally utilizes simple art with an ornate mirror. It’s an arrangement that’s chic and sophisticated. 
Hope you enjoyed these 3 factors that Palmer uses to accomplish a polished and inviting entry way; you can see more of her work in portfolio here. Until next time!

7 thoughts on “Dissecting the Details: Palmer Weiss

  1. Love the entry way with the beautiful blue trimmed leopard runner. Gorgeous – and in that hallways with the light reflecting from those amazing light fixtures! Heaven!

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