Chic Combinations: Leaf Green and Sky Blue

Hi everyone! Arianna of Arianna Belle here, back with more color inspiration. Can you believe August is coming to a close, and we will soon be transitioning into fall? As someone who isn’t ready for summer to end quite yet, for today’s post, I selected images of outdoor and sun-filled spaces with shades of green and blue reminiscent of fresh leaves and clear skies. If I could, I would jump right into any one of these spaces and spend a warm Sunday afternoon relaxing and soaking up what is left of summer.


1- green velvet pillow, 2- white settee, 3- faux hydrangeas, 4- raja embroidery sky pillow, 5- dinnerware, 6- blue table, 7 – blue napkins, 8- green chair

image credits: 1- mark d. sikes, 2- aerin, beauty at home, 3- aerin, 3- jeffrey allan marks, 4- steven gambrel, 5- willard and palmer design

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