Design by the Details: Busts


What: A sculpture of a person’s head, shoulders, and chest.

History: Before photographs busts would be carved to forever capture a person.  Used since antiquity, busts can be carved from wood, stone, clay, or metals.

Use:  A very traditional detail, busts can be reimagined to fit into any decor.  Modernize with color – painting it yellow like designer Jimmie Karlsson does below.  Or modernize with location – forego the traditional pedestal and place in a fireplace, under a console, or place on the floor like Lee Stanton does in his home pictured below.  Busts can be more than decorative objects – use one for hats, necklaces, or a revolving display of accessories.

Elle Espana featuring home of Jimmie Karlsson and an electric yellow bust.
Lee Stanton‘s home in Architectural Digest features two busts.
The bust near the fireplace is quiet company in the home of Ellen & Portia.
A bust of Antonius Pius is featured in this home designed by Michael Smith in Elle Decor.
This bust does some heavy lifting as decoration and storage in the Spanish home of Sofia Saavedra.

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