Fabulous Room Friday 08.22.14


Happy Friday, everyone! This week– well, really this month has been crazy and hectic. The next few weeks will be exceptionally busy with the BOLD Summit, client installations, working on new client projects, and a big photo shoot with a national magazine at my home for an upcoming issue. I am so thankful for all of it, but am exhausted just thinking about everything that I have to do which may be why I was so drawn to this calm, beautiful room as I perused one of my favorite photographers, Jack Thompson‘s updated portfolio. I have an inkling that this is Laurann Claridge‘s new home because the overall vibe and several of the pieces look familiar to me from when her home was featured in Lonny in 2010. Do you think it’s the same? Getting back on track– I love the contrast of stark white walls, dark flooring, and furniture in white, black, and cream. The result is incredibly chic and cohesive. I live for the mix of furniture– French antiques alongside iconic mid-century pieces, classical forms, and abstract art creating a look that is at once visually impactful, glamorous, and personal. Have a beautiful weekend!


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