Jet Set: The New York Palace Hotel

NY-PalaceHello LDV readers! Brendan here of B.A.D | Blog About Design. For today’s Jet Set post, I’ve decided to take us to a legendary NYC hotel “The Palace”. This stunning NYC landmark has been featured in countless publications and TV shows and movies. The hotel is built around a 19th century mansion and features over 900 suites in the tower. Recently, the hotel underwent a 140 million dollar renovation to give the hotel an updated look. What do you think of the Palace? Have you stayed here before? (ABOVE) The mansion is the highlight of the hotel. I love the front gate, what an entrance!

4818_167_z(Above) How stunning is the lobby? I tried to find a real photo of the lobby, but only found this rendered photo. The previous lobby was more traditional, so the palace wanted to give the updated lobby a traditional meets modern look. 40715(Above) The “Gilt” restaurant is located in the mansion. In front of the restaurant are tables and chairs surrounded by NYC and plantings. What a great place to enjoy GILT(Above) Inside the restaurant the mood is serious and upscale. I love the original wood paneling. 691-afe45082617f8d726820ee649d1aa27e(Above) After dinner at the Palace restaurant stop by the Pomme Palais for some desserts. Here you’ll find cakes, tarts, cookies, and much more! 40717(Above) This is an example of one of the desserts at the Pomme Palis or that you can order at the The Towers Corner Suite features 1210 square feet of living space. The one bedroom suite has east and west views of the city._ne1_towers_junior_suite_bedroom_3288(Above) The Towers Executive Suite features 665 square feet of living space. The one bedroom suite has views of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.Cullen Meyer, Brooklyn, New York, 50's.(Above) This is the living room of the Towers Executive Suite. I love the warmth and modernity of this space. 575-29dac16f8394d0886052c013fba7c3a4(Above) A view of the mansion and the tower. The tower houses the bulk of the hotel suites, however, the mansion does feature a few rooms for guests as well.

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PALOMA-POST-BLOG-ABOUT-DESIGN-NYCLOOK//1. Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Similar) | 2. Dress: Anthropologie | 3. Clutch: Tory Burch | 4. Sandals: Shutz (Similar)

POST//5. Dress: Missoni | 6. Earrings: Lulu Frost | 7. Sandals: Alexander Wang | 8. Bag: Kate Spade | 9. Shirt: Acne Studios | 10. Sunglasses: Wildfox | 11. Sandals: Tory Burch | 12. Necklace: Lulu Frost | 13. Clutch: Marc Jacobs | 14. Jeans: Zoe Karssen


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6 thoughts on “Jet Set: The New York Palace Hotel

  1. My husband and I stayed at The Palace several years ago. It was a beautiful hotel and a great experience. The restaurant at the time was Le Cirque which was fabulous. Maybe I’m just showing my age but it seems to me that sometimes a redo doesn’t make the grade when compared to the former.

  2. Maybe it is better after its refurbishment but it was not that grand or great when I stayed a couple of years ago. Although the entrance shown is beautiful, this is not the entrance where you arrive, but rather to the side which is straight into the larger building.

  3. I stayed there once, several years back, and had a great …yet, unusual experience. Our room had a gorgeous view of the cathedral, and what’s not to love about plush robes, fancy slippers (I still have mine), and chocolate on your pillow each night. But, our adventure also included…a King, droves of secret service, and officers with very big guns at each door. We were either in the safest or most dangerous place at he time.

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