Fabulous Room Friday 07.18.14

Nick Olsen Entry House Beautiful

Have you guys seen the July/August 2014 issue of House Beautiful? It is their annual “Small Spaces” issue which is all about major style in teeny, tiny spaces. I am always so impressed by the ingenuity of the designers whose projects are featured in this annual issue and this year is no exception. I honestly loved every project in the magazine, which doesn’t happen all that often. It’s sort of rare to love everything, but I did!

My favorite was the bold 960 square foot apartment by Nick Olsen. I don’t use primary colors all that much myself, but Nick and his mentor Miles Redd are absolute masters at it. Take the vibrant red room above for example. The space does triple duty as an entry, library, and dining room. It’s a small room that couldn’t feel more grand thanks to the attention to detail–right down to the baseboards– black with a white cap in this case. The tricolor marble floors are absolutely out of this world. They are so striking, especially against the rich, red walls for which Nick used Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac Brilliant in Tulip Red. The neoclassical columns on the bookshelf and leather Louis XVI-style chairs add a sense of grandeur and formality to the chic space.


I’m also very excited to share that I am included in House Beautiful this month as well! I was asked to participate in the “Send Us a Picture” feature which in this issue focuses on designer’s coffee tables. It is an honor to be included in one of my favorite magazines in the same spread as designers I admire like Madeline Stuart and Kristen Buckingham. You can check it out on page 53!


{Nick Olsen Image by Maura McEvoy for House Beautiful}

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  1. Congratulations on being included in HB!! And I totally agree about this issue – I have almost worn it out already because I love every single project inside. Using bold, primary colors to such success is a true talent. I’ve only recently moved towards colorful interiors as I have typically leaned more neutral, but I’m loving lots of color now.

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