Design by the Details: Eglomise

Pronounce: A-glo-mees-A (hard "A" sounds)

What: Back-painted glass so design show through on front using gold- & silver-leaf.

History: There is a long tradition of this technique in Italy, examples as far back as pre-Roman times.  It was revived in Italy in the 13th century and then again by Jean-Baptiste Glomy, a French art dealer and decorator to which the technique received it’s name.

Use: Used to gussy-up furniture, mirrors, frames, and other decorative objects.  Since it is made with gold & silver-leaf it is not inexpensive. But it adds dimension and layers to an object that nothing else can. Great for adding a bit of glam to a space or introducing furniture that is not visually heavy.  Light bounces around and is softer than plain mirror or glass.

Eglomise mirror featured in Michelle Smith home.

Miriam Ellner Eglomise Entry
Celerie Kemble Kips Bay Showhouse 2011 featuring eglomise ceiling by Miriam Ellner.

Geoffrey Bradfield designed home in Palm Beach with intricate eglomise bedside table.

Eglomise closet doors by Darren Henault
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6 thoughts on “Design by the Details: Eglomise

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  2. Love the elegant designs that you are always a part of…i love following your beautiful journey through design land. The Lamps would be beautiful in my new townhouse….a lovely contrast to my black wood floors.

  3. You will find there’s prolonged custom of the technique throughout Italia, illustrations dating back pre-Roman periods. It absolutely was revived throughout Italia from the thirteenth one hundred year after which it yet again simply by Jean-Baptiste Glomy, a new France artwork seller along with designer to that this technique acquired it’s label.

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