Design by the Details: Tree of Life

design by the details tree of life objects by capella kincheloe interior design

What: Tree of Life, this is a difficult one to describe in just a few sentences, but it is a common motif represented in many cultures, countries, ideologies and religions. Usually represented with roots in the earth, a strong trunk, and branches climbing into the sky.  Often though these elements are present, it may not appear very tree-like because the tree of life can be geometric, abstract, modern or naturalistic.  Often there are animals or birds near the tree or in the branches. History:  The concept of the tree of life spans cultures, countries, and religions.  Some intrepretations are: evolution, underworld-earth-heaven, interconnectedness of all living beings, gifts from God, humanity, soul-physical body, and divinity.  If you’d like to see how far-reaching the tree of life is check out its wikipedia page.  Because the tree of life is a concept held by many people it is widely available as a design on tapestries, textiles, pots, paintings, rugs and many other decorative objects from all corners of the globe. Use: The tree of life is depicted on many different types of decorative objects.  It can be placed almost anywhere in your home from rugs on the floor to a textile hung on the wall.  It is widely reproduced on fabric and wallpaper. You can find it on objects from Turkey, Greece, India, China, Ancient Egypt, Ireland, and so many more.   So whatever your style, you’ll find a tree of life for your tastes.

My first introduction to the tree of life (can you believe this is where I used to have lunch?)  This is also the document that he based his “Tree of Life” fabric on (see below). 
Southern Accents, Our Most Beautiful Bedrooms, Summer 2009
Home of Gael and Francesco Boglione in Vogue Living Australia May/June ’09
Where could tree of life fit into your home?
capella kincheloe interior design

8 thoughts on “Design by the Details: Tree of Life

  1. As you may know, Henredon has an incredible bedside chest with a carved tree of life design on the front. It has always been an impressive piece of furniture. Lovely post!

  2. Tree of Life patterns have ended up practically unconsciously in my Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room and Bedroom. It sounds boring but the multitude and scale of the patterns makes this repetition delightful to me! I should do a blog post on it too.

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