Two Styles, One Room: Masculine and Feminine Family Room

Hello La Dolce Vita readers, it is Rebecca and Paula from Sea Island Drive again with our second installment of Two Styles, One Room.  Today we are looking at a space that perfectly marries masculine and feminine.  The result is beyond gorgeous!
Those. Black. Walls.  
Lets just say it, they immediately grab our attention.  The color is so unexpected and brings a masculine edge to the room from the very first impression.  Without the soft and more feminine rug, and the vibrant colors of both the blanket and the bright floral centerpiece, the sleek lines of the accent chair and the rustic nature of the cocktail table could easily verge on ‘bachelor pad.’  (Albeit a very chic bachelor pad.)  Yet, it all comes together so gracefully that we can really picture ourselves curled up on that plush sectional catching up on some good girl talk.

The masculine and feminine clearly juxtapose each other yet seamlessly come together. Why? Well the distinctly masculine point of this room is the black paint. The walls are the perfect backdrop – moody and strong – to set off the feminine, more traditional and timeless nature of the ornate rug. The clean-lined, yet soft, sectional, the timelessly minimal leather sling chair, and the nature inspired cocktail table all speak to both styles. In this room, the furniture is the median point, the bridge that joins the two styles.

Almost like how the love of handbags and salsa joined the two of us together.

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The Marriage of the Two

8 thoughts on “Two Styles, One Room: Masculine and Feminine Family Room

  1. Oh.My. Those black walls are something else. I feel like I kind of used to be “afraid” of them. But am seriously considering for my future home someday!

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