Loving Louis Chairs

{Grant K. Gibson}
Lately, I haven’t been able to get enough of Louis XVI style chairs, particularly with square backs. I have opted to use them in a few client products and have a feeling that they’ll keep popping up in most of my current and future projects. You just can’t go wrong with such a classic, timeless style, especially when it is so easy to make it your own through upholstery and paint selections. As you’ll see in this round up, these chairs look equally fabulous grouped together in a dining room or in a single version in an office or living room. Whether you choose neutral upholstery or something bright and modern, it’s hard to go wrong with a chic Louis XVI chair with a square back. 
{Nate Berkus}
{Nate Berkus}
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{Nate Berkus}
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6 thoughts on “Loving Louis Chairs

  1. I’m also obsessed with these chairs, especially the square-back ones. (I got the ones from Restoration Hardware during one of their 20% off sales.) I think you mean Louis XVI rather than Louis XIV though.

  2. I’ve always loved Louis XVI chairs in either square or oval backs and have used them over and over in my jobs. Timeless classics which could be formal or more modern depending on the fabric. Love that library!

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