Love It or Leave It: The Return of Damask

damask veere greeney

{Veere Greeney’s London Townhouse as featured in World of Interiors}

Damask has been around for centuries and while it’s never gone away, it hasn’t been something that I’ve gravitated to in the past several years—that is until now! There was something about it that seemed a little too ubiquitous, a little too “done”, and if you search “damask” on Pinterest, you’ll see exactly why I had shied away from it for so long. More often than not it isn’t done “right”. What does it mean to do damask the “right way”, you might ask? Take a look at Veere Greeney’s gorgeous London sitting room above. The scale of the pattern is perfect and  I love that he has kept the room tone-on-tone as this is something I do quite often in my own work. The continuity of the pattern from the fabric-covered walls to the draperies is so chic. I’ve pulled together a round-up of spaces that feature damask in a more traditional, glamorous way as well as those that look and feel a bit more modern and fresh.

Damask | Farrow & Ball Silvergate Wallpaper | Paloma Contreras Design

{I recently used damask for the first time in a client’s dining room. My client wanted her house to feel very feminine and romantic and told me that she’d love to incorporate damask somewhere, so I selected Farrow & Ball’s iconic Silvergate wallpaper for her dining room. | Image via my Instagram}

Snip20131001_115 {Ashley Whitaker opted for a damask wallpaper by Quadrille for this dining room.}

Snip20131001_114 {The pair of chairs in this room at the home of John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross features a subtle, neutral damask fabric. | Image via Lonny}

Snip20131001_111 {Designer Kishani Perera opted for a glamorous metallic damask silk for client, Molly Sims’ bed in her SoHo apartment.}

damask lamps {An oversized damask adds a graphic touch to this foyer. The aqua lamps are beautiful!}

Snip20131001_108 {This large-scale metallic damask on a teal background by Thibaut makes quite a statement.}

Damask via La Dolce Vita{This peacock blue damask wallpaper is so fun. It feels really modern in this space.}

Damask Palmer Weiss  {Palmer Weiss opted for orange damask curtains in this hip, preppy living room.}

Snip20131001_116 {The damask wallpaper Caitlin Wilson used in this kitchen feels completely fresh and unexpected.}


What are your thoughts on damask? Do you love it or would you rather leave it?


12 thoughts on “Love It or Leave It: The Return of Damask

  1. I love damask, as long as it’s very neutral. Otherwise, I think I would grow tired of it quickly. I would totally put up a beige on white or something similar, but once you start getting into the real colors, it’s a little much for me.

  2. Marisa took the words right out of my mouth! I love your images. Damask sometimes conjurs up a notion of dated, tired and formal, but as you have shown, the classic pattern can look fresh and modern.

  3. That top one is spectacular, though I’m not as fond of most of the others. I’m loving the wallpaper trend, but damask is something I may never get as a confirmed old modernist.

  4. I landed on your site because I’m getting drapes made and have been eyeballing some whiteish-gray velvet damask fabric but don’t want an overdone look. My style is kind of an oxymoron–eclectic minimalistic modern glam (haha); I like to take a little bit of each of these styles… Now, after seeing your blog I think I’m going to hit the accelerator. Wish me luck!

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