Greek Key Pillows for Sale

Greek Key PalomaHappy Monday! I was so excited to get these gorgeous Greek key pillows, but unfortunately, at 24” they are just a tad too big for my loveseat. I wish that they could work on the larger sofa in my family room because I am obsessed with them. Alas, I am going to have a smaller pair made, but I’d love to see these beauties go to a good home. They are black linen, 24” square pillows with an ivory Greek key appliqué (down inserts included). The work is all done by hand and they are in pristine, new condition. I’d prefer to sell the pair together. Each pillow is $198 plus shipping. If you’re interested, email me at Merci beaucoup!Greek Key Paloma2


4 thoughts on “Greek Key Pillows for Sale

  1. The scale looks great. I’d second the suggestion that you simply remove the white cushions. Hold onto those — I think a smaller scale is likely to disappoint you when they arrive, then you’ll miss these 😉
    Enjoying the updates to your space — I’ve been eyeing that artwork for my son’s bedroom. Love it.
    Alcira Molina-Ali

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