Style Spotting: Black, White, and Pink

Hi La Dolce Vita readers, it’s Lindsay from The Pursuit of Style and I’m back with another edition of Style Spotting. When I was searching for inspiration for this month’s post I looked back at my recent pins and noticed a pattern almost immediately: black, white, and pops of hot pink.
The equation couldn’t be more simple or the results more chic. Just add a hot pink element to a predominately neutral room and watch how it transforms the space. The perfect balance of playfulness and sophistication. If you need inspiration look to the offices of Ruby Press and Carolina Herrera–they’re killing it!
Ruby Press | Lonny
Carolina Herrera's OfficeOnce you’ve added some hot pink to your home, go ahead and dress up your basic black and white outfit with a shock of hot pink too. The same equation applies.
Style Spotting | The Pursuit of Style
Love the looks above? Here are a few suggestions to help you achieve them. The Sabrina coat is at the top of my wish list! It’s the perfect shade of hot pink.
Style Spotting
I hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of style spotting. Be back next month!

7 thoughts on “Style Spotting: Black, White, and Pink

  1. I LOVE the Ruby Press office, I just discovered their firm last night and encountered the same photo. I love the space so completely, there isn’t a single thing I would change. It contains a lot of the same elements that I have in mind for my home office re-do. Great post, thanks for sharing Lindsay!

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