Dissecting the Details: Tommy Smythe

Hello lovely LDV readers! It’s Nancy with another installment of Dissecting the Details. Today, I’m focusing on one of my all-time favorite Canadian designers, Tommy Smythe. His style is impeccable, and I’m particularly drawn to his knack for creating cozy & inviting living spaces. Here are 3 key elements Tommy implements in his living space designs:

Who knew deep, moody walls where so incredibly chic? And notice that the size of the room doesn’t matter – Tommy’s not afraid to be bold in a small space. All the more cozy, wouldn’t you say?
I love Tommy’s use of a bold patterned rug in combination with bright Crayola colors! And even with the pops of yellow, orange, or blue, the overall space is sophisticated and subdued.
Tommy completes every living space with gorgeous groupings of artwork and stacks of books and accessories. To me this is a sign of a well-styled room, and it lets your eye fall on several points of interest without looking cluttered. He’s the master of the mix, and his living spaces are proof of just that!

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