LDV Top 10: Abstract Art

One of the most challenging parts of the design process is selecting artwork. If you’re lucky, you’ll find something you love early on in the process, but oftentimes, art is part of the final stages of a design project and it can be challenging to find something that works within the existing parameters of the space. I often advise clients and friends that it’s better to have a blank wall and wait until you find something that you absolutely love as opposed to slapping something on the wall just for the sake of completing the space quickly. But what happens if you’re in a pinch? Let’s say you need    something readily available, at a decent price point? In this “LDV Top 10” round-up, I’ll focus on abstract paintings and prints because I happen to love abstract art. However, you can expect to see round-ups with other types of art in the future! Regardless of your favorite style of art, I think we can all agree that it’s a great way to add color, personality, and even texture to any room. 

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What style of art is your favorite? Which of these abstracts do you like the most?

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