Lorenzo Castillo’s Chic Madrid Store


{Lorenzo Castillo’s New Store in the Heart of Madrid}

After many years as one of the most renowned interior designers in Spain, Lorenzo Castillo has expanded his design firm to include a new store in Madrid. The store offers custom-designed furniture by Castillo along with vintage finds from the twentieth century as well as fabrics from his collection with Gastón y Daniela. The store exemplifies Lorenzo’s chic style—juxtaposing magnificent antiques and vintage pieces with modern furnishings and abstract art. Each piece seems to tell a story and lends itself towards creating the type of effortless, layered interiors that Castillo is known for– spaces filled with eclectic pieces, bold patterns, rich colors, and art from a cross-section of periods, all composed with brilliant panache. Castillo opened his first antiques store in Madrid in 1992, which served as a launch pad for his career in interior design. It seems that all things come full circle as Castillo’s new store allows him to offer his customers access to the same wonderful pieces that inspire his design work.

{Pieces from many eras and styles can be found in Lorenzo Castillo’s store.}

{Isn’t the wall treatment incredible? At first, I thought it was silver leaf, but I am not 100% certain. What I do know for sure is that this desk is absolutely gorgeous!}

{Cool Dining Chairs and Lamps}

{Lorenzo Castillo stocks vintage items from the 1920s-1980s in his store.}

{I love these chairs! The shape and combination of upholstery fabrics is fantastic. The wood inlay and brass trim on the end table are pretty fabulous, too.}

{Each item in this store could be considered a statement piece, yet they work beautifully independently or grouped together.}

{I love everything in this photo—the malachite wall, brass table, accessories, and sconces. This vignette is insane!}

{Another vignette with so many great pieces. I really love the clean lines and worn leather on the chair.}

{The next time I am in Madrid, Lorenzo Castillo will be at the top of my list of places to visit!}
{Images via Lorenzo Castillo}

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