Color Crush: Indigo

{Thomas Britt’s Dramatic Living Room via New York Social Diary}
I am a very visual person by nature. I’m pretty sure you are too, if you read design blogs. Lately, I’ve been drawn to certain colors more than ever before– one of which is indigo. People often attribute the color blue to depression, but I couldn’t disagree more when it comes to certain hues, especially indigo. I can’t get enough of this beautifully saturated shade of blue.
{Gorgeous Indigo Lacquered Walls in a Room by Miles Redd}
{Indigo Chest, Rug, and Blue Ikat in a Chic Room by Miles Redd}
{Mary McDonald’s Glamorous Blue Bedroom}
{Pierre Soulages, Composition, 1988}
{Cobalt Blue Birkin}
{Peter Som Resort 2013}
{Tory Burch in an Indigo Skirt from her New Collection}


9 thoughts on “Color Crush: Indigo

  1. Blue is a fascinatingly color. In all varieties.
    Indigo is a poweful color. I have some wonderful indigo higheels and they look great.
    I love the big blue bag and this really elegant bedroom!
    Enjoy your day!

  2. I agree. Ive just come back from a holiday looking at the Mediterranean everyday and am smitten with blue. Indigo and cobalt especially. I wondered the same thing, how could it possibly be associated with depression? The most wonderful uplifting colour in my happy palette definitely. Love these images and mood. Right where my head’s at. So much of this lovely colour on the streets in Cannes, Sicily & Rome where I was v. fortunate indeed to spend a few weeks far away from my everyday life in Australia. So refreshing to see. Thanks

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