My Favorite Room: The Peak of Tres Chic

Happy Tuesday LDV readers!  My name is Sam Penner and I share my love of fashion, travel and interior design on my blog, The Peak of Très Chic.  I am a Houstonian like Paloma and have been lucky enough to meet her in person, so when she asked me to share my favorite room with you,  of course I was delighted!  I recently participated in a blogger "One Room Challenge", and in the process turned an empty room in to a home office.  I recently launched my own interior design business and have been trying to get organized and inspired.
  Here is the finished product:

I found this python upholstered office chair at a furniture store and immediately knew I had to have it!  I am a big proponent of animal prints.  The leopard print pillows below are from Arianna Belle and the hot pink ones are from Sally Wheat‘s booth at Memorial Antiques & Interiors:
This large console is a lifesaver.  It stores my printer/scanner, my fabric baskets and my paint samples.  I try to end every day by restocking my fabrics and filing paperwork to keep everything organized and the console helps to hide the "less pretty" things:

Can you tell I love my coffee table books?  I’ve looked at my Allegra Hicks book a few too many times I think. 

 And what would a designer’s office be without an inspiration board? 

I finished installing the room about a month ago, and since then working from here has been pure bliss.  Before then, I worked from my kitchen table or the nearest coffee shop.  I never had an official spot to work or blog from, so I had to transport my laptop and materials everywhere.  I never knew that having a space to call my own would bring me such sanity!  It helps me be more productive and organized because I’m not changing the spot I work from each day, and surrounding myself with things I love helps inspire me.
Thank you for letting me share it with you today! 

Thank you for the opportunity to post, Paloma, and I hope you all will come say "hi" at The Peak of Très Chic!

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