LDV Top 10: Kitchen Pendant Lights


{A Pair of Grosvenor Pendants by Visual Comfort & Co. hang in this lovely kitchen via Better Homes & Gardens}
I think most design lovers seem to have certain elements of interior design that they are especially passionate about whether it’s textiles, art, seating, or in my case, lighting. I have a special weakness for beautiful lighting (and chairs!) and feel very strongly about the importance of great lighting in a space. Like jewelry, it is the finishing touch that brings everything together and makes a design feel complete. Lighting serves many purposes—ambient, architectural, and task. In the kitchen, it especially serves all of these purposes and acts as the jewelry of the room. Below, I’ll share a few examples of beautiful kitchens with fantastic lighting as well as my “Top 10” list for kitchen pendants that are stylish, versatile, and will stand the test of time.
{A Pair of Goodman Hanging Lamps are perched over the island in this kitchen from Woodlands Lifestyles & Homes. Notice the Caged Lanterns nearby.}
{This kitchen by Mary McDonald features a pair of Large Country Industrial Pendants and a Modern Globe Pendant over the breakfast table.}
{A Pair of Hicks Pendants were selected for this classic kitchen featured in Style at Home.}

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