Design Under the Influence: Lindsey Adelman Chandeliers

“I like the idea of transforming a space in a dramatic way through lighting.” ~ Lindsey Adelman
Hello, it’s Erika from small shop! I’m excited today to showcase a recent fave that I’m sure you’ve been seeing everywhere too: lighting designer Lindsey Adelman’s amazing chandeliers. Influenced by 19th century ornamentation and natural phenomenon, she and a small team create large hand blown glass and brass pieces that seem to take on a life of their own: the arms and tendrils expand out and grow organically from the center, seemingly random, quite dramatically, but with graceful purpose. The effect is extraordinary and transforms any style of room!
Studio Ilse
Barbara Hill
Steffani Aarons
Stephanie Waltbillig
Kelly Behun for Ivanka Trump
S.B. Long Interiors
Grant Gibson
Adelman says of her work, it’s “about creating a mood and beauty, and people looking great at your dinner party.” Judging from the multiple installations here, I’d say she’s spot on, wouldn’t you?
And fortunately, she’s created a DIY version for the rest of us: check out my post today to see how you can get the look for less! (She’s kind of done her own version of “Design Under the Influence” for us!)
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6 thoughts on “Design Under the Influence: Lindsey Adelman Chandeliers

  1. I love, love,love Lindsey Adelman fixtures! And I was lucky to have a client that loved them as much as I do and we used her fantastic Agnus light over his dining room table. You can see the image on my website under the “park avenue” tab in my portfolio.

  2. Beautiful and almost organic – evocative of molecular branched chains, fire sticks, and bunches of grapes. I especially love the chandelier in the ‘Kelly Behun for Ivanka Trump’ room – it’s like a piece of jewellery!

  3. I love her designs….the more I look at them the more I love them….I think its their organic quality. I’m so glad you are highlighting her DIY because it really is so generous of her to have this version. I attempted it and love it! It was actually not very difficult at all.

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