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Hi everyone!  This is Lauren from Pure Style Home.  I’m so excited to be a part of Paloma’s My Favorite Room Series!  My favorite room is probably my bedroom.  Like most of us, I love getting in bed.  When we first moved into our house, my bedroom was lined in faux wood paneling and it was a bit dark:

I really craved a white bedroom.  There’s something so relaxing about a white bedroom to me and I never tire of having one.  So… the paneling got the white treatment:   
(That’s my pup, Ashby, in my spot!! 😉 😉
I added a vintage crystal waterfall chandelier and kept the room really simple.  The wall-to-wall builder grade carpet was replaced with wall-to-wall sea grass which I love the feel of.  I layered a hide on the seagrass for a bit of interest and edge.
The vintage mirror (below) is really special to me.  It was one of the first things my husband and I found for our new house.  I love looking at the swirls and seeing shapes in them.

{owls anyone??}
I hung my jewelry on nails for easy access and more importantly, so I can enjoy my things even when I’m not wearing them:
Here’s a picture of my nightstand, below, which is actually a dresser.  (The room isn’t big enough for a large dresser so we went with two small dressers as our nightstands.)  On it, I’ve put my vintage Chinese ginger jar lamp, which I found at a flea market and am crazy about.  My grandmother’s always had these lamps and I loved them growing up.  Thankfully, she’s still alive and is using them all, so I decided I needed my own.
I hung the old convex mirror about the more modern dresser for a bit of juxtaposition.  I found the Gustavian chair years ago at a flea market and my husband found the brass bed (just the headboard!! 😉 😉 on the side of the road just after we moved in!!!
Because I’m always working with colors and fabrics as a part of my job, am constantly switching up things in my own home for fun, and am crazy-busy like most people, my tone on tone bedroom has become my refuge.  I just see white and I can sort of clear my mind and let go of everything when I’m in there, which is exactly what I need.  
I really I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my favorite room and thank you so much to Paloma for inviting me over to La Dolce Vita!!

19 thoughts on “My Favorite Room: Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home

  1. I love the jewelry on nails. I did that in college but I have been keeping everything in my jewelry box. I think it might be time to break it all out.

  2. Her bedroom is my favorite! Love it! I am currently remodiling ours a bit to look more like this..we bought those bedside tables and LOVE them! Great for more storage! Have a great day!

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