Color Story: The Power of Red

Hi LDV Readers!  It’s Vanessa Stern from Vanessa & Valentine back with another inspiring color story. I recently purchased a pair of red skinny cropped jeans that I’ve been wearing everywhere from the office to weekend outings with the kids.  Red is the color of power and confidence and there’s no denying when you wear red people tend to look.  So with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought it would be fun to explore the many options for the little red dress!  
This is just pure eye candy!  I dream of having a checkered floor like this one, but that dress is just amazing.  Love it!
This plunging neckline is simple and chic, I want this in either red or black.
I found this painting on Pinterest called The Red Dress by Michael Flohr that just spoke to me.  You really get a sense of how powerful one color can be.
I love this flirty and fun little number!  It’s casual enough to go anywhere.
OMG red and leopard…adore!
This is just red carpet perfection all the way…need I say more.
Valentino Red: Powerful, confident, sexy.
Kate Moss is so cool with her red lips and red heels, she looks like it took her literally 5 minutes to get ready, yet she’s flawless!
Miles Redd’s Famous Red Living Room
Another painting that I fell in love with called Red Dress in the Rain by Kathryn Trotter.
Ashley’s orangey red exudes major style…love this shade!
Red soled shoes complete any red dress…
…Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!
  Xo, Vanessa
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