Gold Standard

We are well into 2013 now and my obsession with all things gold doesn’t show any signs of stopping! Like many of you, I have been lusting after brass and gilded finishes for the past couple of years. I love the way an item in one of these finishes instantly adds glamour and polish to a space. These are just a handful of the gold items I’d like for King Midas to drop off at my home. Are you into gold as much as I am? Do you think brass and gilded finishes are here to stay or do you feel that they will be a passing trend?



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6 thoughts on “Gold Standard

  1. I think gold is so etched in our consciousness that it always be around. It elevates the soul. since gold is coming back in fashion and interiors perhaps it is a sign to invest in gold! I don’t see the sourcing for any of the objects. Thanks!

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