Get The Look: Brown and White Bedrooms

Hola! Arianna of Arianna Belle here, back with another ‘‘Get the Look’‘ post. A brown bedroom may conjure up images of a dark, heavy, uninspiring space, but when done right, the look can be stunning. Case in point, these beautiful bedrooms below by Tom Stringer (top) and Phoebe Howard (bottom):

In each space, the rich brown walls add a warmth and create a dramatic background for the white bed linens, which look extra crisp thanks to the color contrast. The patterned rug adds a graphic punch and balances out the walls. Here’s how to get the look in your own home:

1- bedding, 2- paint, 3- pillow, 4- rug

Would you do or have you done brown in your bedroom?

2 thoughts on “Get The Look: Brown and White Bedrooms

  1. Yes!!! I would totally do my bedroom brown I actually just went through a phase of brown, red, and cheetah. Love your more classic take.

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