Design Destination: Public Chicago

PUBLIC CHICAGO LOBBY <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='07_27_V1a.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{The Beautiful Lobby at PUBLIC Chicago}

I’m not quite sure why, but I have never been to Chicago. I am always hearing about what a fabulous city it is from the shopping and dining to the art and architecture. It is definitely on my list of places to visit. Last night, I was browsing Jetsetter while looking for hotels in California for an upcoming trip when I stopped dead in my tracks upon spotting a fabulous deal at the gorgeous Ian Schraeger-conceived, PUBLIC hotel in Chicago. The interiors are absolutely stunning—chic and polished,with a sexy, inviting edge. As if that weren’t enticing enough, they are running a deal for $95 per night through Jetsetter. I could hardly believe it and then I was reminded of how cold Chicago is in February and March. So, I probably won’t be taking advantage of the unbelievable rate, but you can count on me staying at PUBLIC when I finally make it to Chicago! PUBLIC boasts 285 spacious rooms decorated in a minimal “no color” color palette, a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant housed in Chicago’s famous Pump Room, and a broad range of customized guest services. All of that is icing on the cake for me as this is exactly the type of boutique hotel I love—chic interiors, attentive service, and luxurious details.

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{The Lobby-Adjacent Living Room: The design reminds me of both a chic South African villa and a stylish Milanese apartment.}

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{The cozy Library looks like a great place for sharing drinks and conversation.}

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{Library Bar}

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{Pump Room Restaurant—I mean, seriously. How amazing are these light fixtures? Talk about making a statement!}

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{I love the sleek minimalism of the Pump Room Bar.}

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{A Close-up of the Amazing Orb Fixtures}

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{If you’d prefer not to take your breakfast in bed, the Sun Room looks like a chic place to start the day.}

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{Speaking of chic, how fabulous is this guestroom? I love the linens, minimal furnishings, and Serge Mouille-inspired sconces.}

GUEST ROOM <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='Rose-Full.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{Bedside Detail}

GUEST ROOM DESK <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='04_13_V2_RGB_HR1.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{While I am usually more of a maximalist, I must be having a major minimalist moment because these interiors are really resonating with me. I love every last detail. The wishbone chair, fur throw, and clean lines of the desk look fabulous together.}

GUEST ROOM <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='Double_650x487.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{Guestroom with Double Beds}

FRANK SINATRA SUITE <a class='fancy_button_light sharebox-open' href='#' data-shareimage='suite_650x487.jpg' data-leftoffset='-310'>share</a>

{The Frank Sinatra Suite is giving major Miami style. I’m sure that must be a welcome sight at the height of the Chicago winter.}

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{The romantic Liz Taylor Suite}

What element of PUBLIC is most appealing to you?

{All Images via PUBLIC Chicago}

9 thoughts on “Design Destination: Public Chicago

  1. I stayed at Public for NeoCon last year. The Pump Room, and its cocktails, are amazing. I would definitely recommend a visit!

  2. This is absolutely one of my favorite spots in the city! I got married this past September and we stayed at the Public. The photos are amazing, especially our first look by the fireplace. You MUST stay here =)

  3. So serene. A good reminder as we move forward on our bedroom reno that uncluttered is elegant and peaceful. Are those Mouille-ish sconces available for purchase anywhere?
    lovemcm in RI

  4. I had my wedding at the Public in September and the interiors of the hotel are indeed spectacular for the neutral palette lovers like me 🙂

  5. What a beautiful layout! You captured the hotel perfectly. It is very chic AGAIN. My family and I celebrated Christmas Eve in the Pump Room.

    Enjoyed this!

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