Anatomy of a Home: The Master Bathroom

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Oh hiii there! It’s Lauren with The Semi-Designed Life! I’m back with a squeaky clean version of Anatomy of a Home. It’s time to dissect the master bathroom.

The bathroom above makes my inner “wish I lived in a marble yard” self want to reach into the picture and touch the cold beautifulness that are those slabs. Don’t those marble moldings make your heart smile? Well, and your face smile, too?

Anatomy Lesson #1: Nobody walked into a marble bathroom and scoffed at the yuckiness. It kind of brings you back to the old days. Like the real old days. Like the days of bath houses and when bathing in a public forum was normal. Can I get an “amen” for indoor plumbing?!

Greg Stewart

This bathroom is bright, clean and serene mostly due in part to the natural, soft light.

Anatomy Lesson #2: Consider three sources of lighting in your bathroom. Think about it. You’re going to be strutting around in your birthday suit a lot in this mirror-clad room. You do not want to relive horrific bikini dressing room syndrome every day… 
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Speaking of mirrors… consider the placement of your mirrors. For me, it would probably be a “just the one over the sink” kind of a relationship. But mainly that’s because clearly unlike the brilliant Miles Redd, I don’t have twenty-three housekeepers to Windex my bathroom every day.

Miles Redd

Nor do I have the amazing ability to fly around in a top hat!

Anatomy Lesson #3: If you have plenty of help, mirror the daylights out of your bathroom. Especially if you have stock in Windex, the ability to fly like Miles Redd or a sensational top hat!
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When cohabitating in a bathroom scenario it’s best to keep the little boys and little girls separate. For me, it’s best to keep them in entirely separate bathrooms. But, if you must “love the one you’re with” hopefully you can love them from your own sink.

Anatomy Lesson #4: Boys are yucky. Simple as that.

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In the bathroom of my dreams, space is no object. This coming from a girl whose bathroom is smaller than most people’s coat closets. Anyhow, it‘s my dream to have a real live grown up make up putting on station.

Anatomy Lesson #4: Girls need a place to store their war paint. And stare at their pores for hours on end like Charlotte on Sex and the City. You know you do it.


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