Dissecting the Details: Bedrooms by Sarah Richardson

Hello lovely LDV readers! It’s Nancy of Marcus Design here, back again with another ‘Dissecting the Details’ post. In the winter months we tend to spend many more hours indoors – and the master bedroom is a chance to create a serene sanctuary. Today we’ll be taking a look at the work of Canadian designer Sarah Richardson, one of my favorites! She’s known for her soft and soothing palettes, and keen sense of mixing textiles. Let’s have a closer look at the makings of a Sarah Richardson master suite:

Whether patterned or solid – a fabulous headboard can be the show-piece of the space. I particularly love the detailed sillouette’s Sarah tends to use – the above examples are her own custom designs.
What’s more inviting than a cozy reading nook for you and your partner? It’s a good idea to choose chairs that look as appealing from the back as they do in front if the seating will be placed away from the walls.
Sarah once mentioned she uses a minimum of 12 patterns per space she designs. This would include everything from pillows, bedding, rugs, curtains, headboard & furnishings. Amazing how a mix of 12+ patterns can still look so subtle and serene!
From a delicate desk chair, to crystal-studded pillows, to bundles of white flowers – a feminine touch makes the room. And a little dose of pink never hurt anybody either!
Panelled walls and plastered ceilings create good bones in a space, and it’s those kinds of classic details that set a room apart. If this type of detailing is not in your budget, try adding a mirror or artwork with architectural interest like the one seen aboveI think this is one detail I will be attempting to add to my own master suite. Any of these on your list? To see more of Sarah’s lovely work, visit her portfolio here.

14 thoughts on “Dissecting the Details: Bedrooms by Sarah Richardson

  1. I am drooling over all of the images! I love her use of soft, soothing palettes, and the way she effortlessly mixes so many different patterns together. This makes me want to redecorate my whole room now!

  2. I could not worship this woman more if I tried. Her shows fill my DVR. Her photos fill my Pinterest boards. She gets better every year and Tommy is such an unsung design hero for most of these rooms. Great post! Thank you!

  3. I’m THRILLED that you wrote a post about Sarah Richardson’s work, Canada’s most recognizable talent in interior design. Sarah and sidekick, Tommy Smythe, never seize to amaze me. Yay for Canada!:)

  4. I’m THRILLED that you have posted about Sarah Richardson’s work, Canada’s most recognizable talent in interior design. Sarah and her sidekick, Tommy Smythe, never seize to amaze me. Their visual eye is bar none. Yay for Canada!:)

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