Get the Look: Chic Classics


I saw this fabulous outfit on Pinterest the other day. Unfortunately, the original source wasn’t cited and it was uploaded through a mobile app, so I am not sure where it originally came from. I would love to see more of this girl’s chic style! I love a good A-line skirt, though I rarely wear them. I love that this stylish woman has taken a very feminine, full, midi length skirt and given it a touch of sexiness by pairing it with a button down denim shirt and strappy sandals. The Hermes belt, tote, and leather strap watch add to the classic timelessness of this outfit. She looks completely polished and classic while maintaining a very modern air. I am dying to put together an outfit like this for myself!



{ 1. Temperley London Olivia Leather Skirt | 2. J. Crew Western Denim Shirt | 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo | 4. Manolo Blahnik Chaos Cuff Sandal | 5. C.Wonder Leather Belt and Letter Belt Buckle }

10 thoughts on “Get the Look: Chic Classics

  1. The beauty of this outfit is that it works great for day, or night. They are all classic pieces that mix and match well with other things.
    Nice lines, and quality never disappoint thanks for sharing. I think I will try this one myself!

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