Dissecting the Details: Glamorous Kitchens

Hi everyone! This is Nancy from Marcus Design and I’m back with the second installment of ‘Dissecting the Details,’ and just in time for the holiday’s we’ll be looking at the gathering place of the home – the kitchen. I love the work of designer Windsor Smith … all of her spaces are gorgeous, but there is something extra special about a ‘Windsor Smith kitchen,’ don’t you agree? Let’s take a closer look at all of the elements:

Now that’s a whole lot of kitchen pretty. Let’s dissect, shall we? What must a Windsor Smith kitchen include? Gobs of marble is a good start, including large marble-top french table, a mix of seating styles that could include this navy brushed side chair, this antique leather chair, and Windsor Smith’s own slipcovered wingback chair, a ceiling pot rack for added charm, and of course two oversized black drum-shade light fixtures for that WS wow factor! I love the way Windsor is able to make a plate display look clean & modern, and these Fornasetti plates would fit perfectly. Mixing metals is another important element, and can be done simply by adding accessories such as this brass bowl.

I don’t know about you but I’m personally going to take quite a few notes from Windsor’s classic & chic kitchen designs!

9 thoughts on “Dissecting the Details: Glamorous Kitchens

  1. What a beauty! And love that her kitchen is somewhat unfitted,it has the appearance of age and coming together over the years,rather then just buying it off a shelf and putting it together. A feat that only a professional could accomplish. Great post Paloma!

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