Style Spotting: Breaking the Rules

Happy holidays La Dolce Vita readers! It’s Lindsay from The Pursuit of Style and I’m back with the second installment of Style Spotting.

Were you ever told that mixing black and navy was a big fashion faux pas? I’m imagining a lot of hands in the air right now because I was too. Let’s collectively add this one to our ‘rules I love breaking’ list (along with not wearing white after Labor Day) because black and navy are made for one another! For any former goodie two-shoes that might have some trepidation about rule breaking, don’t worry, I’ve got the photos to back me up.

Take the room below for example, it’s by Ralph Lauren Home. If Ralph is comfortable mixing black and navy, traditionalists need not be wary. I’m also an advocate for adding liberal amounts of gold, camel, and zebra to your black and navy.

In fashion, the combination is equally classic. Just take a look at the chic-adees below. Fabrics like velvet, satin, and tweed, make the looks even more luxe. Again, feel free to add gold accessories with abandon!
Style Spotting | Black and Navy
Style Spotting | Black and Navy

Style Spotting | Black and Navy

Hopefully by now I’ve convinced you to consider breaking the rules. If you plan to join me, here are some fabulous pieces to get you started!
Style Spotting | Navy and Black
West Elm Zebra Rug| J Brand Velvet Jeans | Horchow Coffee Table | Club Monaco Cuff | Helene Berman Trench I hope you enjoyed this edition of Style Spotting- until next time!

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